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(copied from Everything2 and posted here by the original author, Ryan Gabbard (elwethingol of Everything2))

Ryangabbard, are we to assume that you are the elwethingol who wrote the article at Everything2? --Brion

Yes, I am. Should I note this on imported articles? - Ryan

Please do. We're all a little jittery about copyrights here, and making the provenence (and legality) of source material clear keeps us in the clear. If you were copying someone elses articles from Everything2 without permission, we couldn't keep them. As long as we know you're copying your own material, which you own the copyright to and thus can implicitly license it for Wikipedia, no one's going to freak and remove it on reflex. (Of course, we could always contact you and find out that the usage is clear... so long as you're still around. People do lose e-mail addresses, drop off the net entirely, or even die without warning, so there's no guarantee that the legality of these imports could be established later.) --Brion

Oh, okay. I'll fix that. Thanks. -- Ryan